BerBrand seeking strategic partners to support expected strong growth, to discuss stake available

BerBrand, the privately-held Italian producer of mother of pearl buttons, is seeking strategic partners, owner and chief executive officer Emanuele Bertoli said. Talks with potential candidates are ongoing, he explained, adding that they hoped to find the right partner before the end of 2008. Attractive candidates were either established luxury goods groups or financial investors with expertise in the luxury segment, he said, mentioning as an example the LVMH group. When asked what stake was available for the strategic partner, Bertoli said nothing had been decided yet and all the opportunities would be considered. BerBrand is 100%-owned by Emanuele Bertoli. “We are currently a small company with extraordinary growth potential,” Bertoli said. “At the beginning of 2011, we will launch a new product, Superlativa™ trough our sister company Aor that we expect to generate a total turnover of EUR 30mlns in five years.” The new products are tiles, slabs made with a patented microfilm in mother of pearl which could be used in the interiors of spas and hotels, as well as the automotive and shipbuilding segments