Why I think Marchionne it’s right and in something’s wrong

I’m an entrepreneur, citizen of the world and resident mainly in Italy.

My companies and my life crosses the ocean’s several times in a month, and I’m working among Asia and Europe, occasionally US.

I started my activity in Italy many years ago, at that time the major FIAT shareholder, Mr. Giovanni Agnelli, or the Advocate, or the Italian Emperor as someone’s use to say was the main shareholder.

He had the fortune to join part of his sane “youth” with Valletta, till 1966 someone very similar in terms of charisma to the actual CEO Marchionne, that lead FIAT to be protagonist of the years after the WWII.

Later we all suffered from ghastly administrators that promoted in Italy the awful attitude that we are till today  suffering and that can be resumed in:

  • Focus to the financial as core business, instead of the product
  • Stress the suppliers with exceptional long term payments, (still from 60 to 180 days when in Germany is 30 days or less)
  • Drag from the weak Government money that should have been designated to medium small companies or to improve infrastructures
  • Disincentive the traffic on rail, congesting our roads and lung
  • Use the leverage of the works to obtain conditions prohibited to all other companies, (this is common to many other countries, a very well know phenomena)

Personally I remember Cesare Romiti, after his Fiat experience, he controlled till 2004 one of the largest Media Group  in Italy, the Rcs, no comment.

It was during that years that I went on track on my amazing adventure as a private entrepreneur, obviously with the aim to go out of Italy, but keeping a feet in my country more for patriotic fortitude than looking at the money and the problem we are all as entrepreneurs suffering from leaving here.

Marchionne listening the driversNow we see the light at the end of tunnel, Mr. Marchionne become one of us, facing at the same problem of us, sharing the same view, Italy must become a competitive country capable to play on the Global Market, Hurrah!!!

In these days we’re reading as an Italian National case on Media, (The Italian President wrote a letter on it publicized in the first page of a journal), the fact that 3 (please note 3) workers has been fired due the fact that they obstacle the works of the others strong from their “so said” syndical rights whilst all the Media were yelling to the scandal since a judge declared they were right, (sorry I don’t know the case in detail).

The alternative? It’s simple guys to close the factory and move it to Serbia were the cost is one third and the productivity and meritocracy can be acknowledged, when at the same time the rights and dignity of the workers it’s fully respected so that as the dignity of the investor, but none of the ‘’official’’ Italian journalist will tell to this workers the plain realty, and they are unfortunately captured from the chant of the Sirens that will bring to crash their ships against the stumbling blocks of this misleading people.

Mr. Marchionne go ahead this time we are all with you and ready to bring back our companies in Italy when you’ll be successful.

The alternative? Go to the Italian President and ask for an unlimited credit line, but I’m sorry Sergio, I cannot and even if I could I prefer to live in another country, but this time with both of my feet out.

see also: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-07-15/marchionne-battle-with-unions-risks-panda-s-success-at-fiat-s-worst-plant.html