Teacher leave those kids alone!

It’s the time to a new era in the Italian politics, economy, schools, a challenge, or better a renaissance. We cannot wait too long, i.e. a new generation, the alternative is a moral and economic collapse, we need it and we call for it now.
The technical government as showed to all the world that it’s possible, we all just need more courage to support the rebellion of the consciences.
The receipt it’s simple, and it’s something that we all knows:

a) Fight against the corruption, public that drains 60mld €uro in Italy every year; private that it sap even more and it prohibits to sound companies to have the place that they deserve in the national economy.

b) Meritocracy, starting from the elementary schools

c) The possibility to re-invest the profit into the company with a preferential taxation or a no taxation at all, permitting to the companies to invest in R&D

d) Last but not least, sustainability, that means also that a negative GDP it’s not necessary a catastrophe, on the contrary it can be the future and must be governed, but this argument it’s worthy of a separate article.

My “piece of writing” wants to be just another little brick in the wall, but it’s fundamental now that the teachers will leave us, the brave kids, free to work.