We are ONE

we are one
The alternative to this crisis could have been a military third world war, thanks God we ”just” have economical deflagrations, derivates missiles and spread bombs. Unfortunately the injured, the assassinated, the damage are not less than a nuclear war and ‘’financial’’ poisoned radiation still pervades the economy.

What else? It’s not ended bros but it’s near to an end, and, when WE want the end of an insane economy where:

a) GDP must always grow, making the life of all a real shit, when the earth natural resources will be finished we still have Mars!
a. We now understand that this model it’s unsustainable and that a mission to Mars maybe it’s not like going to the beach.

b) Banks cannot fail!
a. We now understand that it’s better a Lehman Brother bankrupted than Greece bankrupted.

c) The market is global!
a. We now understand that the rules must be homogeneous for all or the game is corrupted and crooked.

d) Money must spread among the world freely and without regulations!
a. We now understand Tobin wasn’t a crazy and funny fellow.

e) Europe is United!
a. We now understand that population and states are united when they have one sole Govern, one sole army, when above all United they stand in harmony, respect and peace because every single feel himself loved, respected, protected.

Or WE now really understand, or the third world war will become, in an undefined part of the world, (Iran, Pakistan?), military, and my friends I know how to embrace a gun and you?