Tribute to JFK

missed hugs

In these hard days for the EU Union and his population, I’d like to send my personal tribute to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Too many people don’t know what he did with his executive order n° 11110 dated 1963, immediately amended after his assassination from Lyndon Johnson.

There’s also no need to explain it here, and I don’t want it too, who wants knows. Ok, maybe he wasn’t a Saint but who is?

I just want to express my gratitude to him for that brave act, and my consideration for all the hugs his family missed, and that no one could compensate.

Closely to a big hug in heaven to him it’s the sense of my post, and, on the contrary like a kick in the ass my reminiscence is forwarded to some, (not all but most), of the shade and miserable so called EU leaders.