In the amazing surroundings of The Pagliere building , a complex of great architectural importance, of a unique type in the Florence building landscape  I will be honored to introduce The Book of Things©, 1trueid.

We are in what I call a new ‘’mp3’’ era, the Internet of Things era, and whilst others are focusing mainly on custom made applications, I have contributed to create the secure platform designed to become the future standard of reference.

Together with the platform we have developed a complete environment, thanks also to astounding partners; an ecosystem made of readers, devices, tag, antenna’s, Big Data analysis, payment tools, gaming engagement and more, much more,

1trueid in non financial marketsThis is what makes the difference as it was for ITunes in January 9, 2001.

My personal journey in the blockchain and IOT technology started in ’98 thanks to an intuition, and was confirmed after the success of Facebook, the world is changing from central, to dots connection to a complete interconnected world.

Dozens or even hundreds of start up and start upper now understand the change, but none had our intuition, to build a standard, this is why our motto is:

‘’We build roads, not trucks©”

As it was for Malcom McLean who patented the containers, 1trueid is a patent applied for application, but in the same way of Malcom, the patent purpose is to accelerate our standard dissemination, in fact we are focused on partnership, especially with System Integrators, and my personal motto is:

‘’Collaboration is the new competition©”

1trueid ise1trueid is open to everyone since the entry level is accessible for one of the Forbes 100 Corporate as well for the producer of only 100 exceptional bottles of wine or special oil, or custom made items, or even for the end user to protect his luxury items or to manage his home domotic.

How I come to this? After the intuition comes the realization, and I started my personal journey and scouting with the one trillion club, meaning meeting Corporate with a sum of turnover over the one trillion US dollars, and meeting key leaders and visionaries.


He has highlighted our tag specially designed for the garment industry.

One of the recent Visionary has been Mark Harrop, the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.

diamondI will also reveal an amazing Social 1trueid Project, be among the very first to know about.

So there are a lot of things happenings and do not miss the opportunity to be among the actors and not the spectators; never forget that Forrest Gump’s Investment in Apple would be worth $7 Billion Today, that’s why I’m a Business Angel and I decided to be one of the 1Trueid founders. This will be one of my next post, stay tuned…

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