APPLE ‘’some kind of Fruit Company”

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Forrest Gump’s Investment in Apple would be worth $7 Billion Today, that’s why I’m a Business Angel and I decided to be one of the 1Trueid founders.

In the 1994 Oscar-winning movie Forrest Gump, there’s a short scene in which Tom Hanks’ character opens a letter of thanks from Apple after his former military colleague and business partner Lieutenant Dan invested some of the profits from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in “some kind of Fruit Company.”

If Gump was real and if he was still clinging on to his investment today, he could have a staggering 12 million shares in the Cupertino Company, worth around $7 billion.

One year ago I successfully introduced  the 1TRUEID company to the Italian press in Milan in a place that resembles one of the mantra of the venture, communicate the real excellence and ‘’made in’’ therefore  EATALY, with the aim to become the one and only Social Book of Things, and, confidently become the one and only competitor to the Facebook Empire.

Some reason to be positive that we can win the challenge:

  • We’ve created a 360 degree environment, like ipod at the era of the mp3 we have fashioned a device that is considered ‘’best of breed’’ from major hardware corporations that now collaborate with us in the further upgrades
  • We’ve created a platform like itunes at that time or facebook now where to share the object that you own and that we certify being of your property
  • We’ve secured and patented the idea, the hardware and the fact that it’s social, not for arrogance but to avoid to so many people to waste energies on the Internet of Things signifying them to invest their energies in deploy 1Trueid solutions; undeniably who would ever want hundreds of app on his Smartphone instead of one?

By the way, day by day Facebook is even more seen like a grey empire whilst on the contrary every user of the 1TRUEID platform benefits of an ultra secure and protected privacy.

Just curios? Sign in! Are you a developer or a maker? Order a starter kit at less than 30 us dollars. 


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