Tangibly, he has been one of the world first evangelists in sustainability AWARENESS, being an entrepreneur he is also a doer,  collaborating with or advising several Institutions, (i.e. UNECE in Geneva, UNFCCC Fashion Charter, EU EACEA) and FORTUNE 100 listed corporates in view to define transparent and traceable guide lines for the industry.

His innovations apart from fighting the illegal trading and protecting the environment inspire individuals, institutions and corporation to be one hundred percent coherent and factual.

He has been the first to introduce a SUPPLY CHAIN DISTRIBUTED LEDGERS Technology, awarded at SMAU in 2010, with the project T.O.P. “Tracking Original Product”


ita_tra i primi divulgatori dei Sustainable Goals delle Nazioni Unite. Da imprenditore collabora con Istituzioni e Organizzazioni Governative e Private, (ad esempio l’UNECE a Ginevra, UNFCCC Fashion Charter, l’Agenzia EACEA dell’Unione Europea) società tra le prime 100 della lista Fortune e al fine di definire linee guida trasparenti e tracciabili per l’industria e la notarizzazione delle filiere produttive tramite Blockchain.

Le sue innovazioni e brevetti, oltre a contrastare il commercio illegale e a proteggere l’ambiente, ispirano gli individui, le istituzioni e le società a essere coerenti e consapevoli.

È stato il primo a introdurre una tecnologia di SUPPLY CHAIN a registri distribuiti nel 2009 nella filera dell’industria perlifera, un progetto premiato allo SMAU nel 2010 dal nome   T.O.P. <<tracking Original product>>.


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Emanuele mission is to create brands that emerge and grow in full respect of zero-waste, sustainability and traceability requirements, in the fight against counterfeit products and trade.

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Capturing this beauty, he said, and selling it to the rest of the world whether in the form of Ferragamo shoes or Fiat cars is how Italy can reclaim its export franchise and revive its economy.

New York Times

The company works the real mother-of-pearl, controls an important quota of the world’s raw material, and it has made traceability and quality certification being the first to build a supply chain blockchain

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