Ethics, sustainability, trust, are parts of social capital, and social capital matters, Emanuele Bertoli, have founded some of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Italy investing in these added values, starting from BerBrand. Among that the brand <Superlativa®>, with his zero waste philosophy, anticipating the brandless sustainable luxury, and <1trueid®> the future social blockchain community of conscious consumers, that permits to give a digital and traceable identity to every object or service, available also for individuals or social communities. 1trueid® is more than an anti-counterfeit solution; it is the opportunity to create trust and better connections with the real makers and owners fighting fake goods.

Global trade in fake goods worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year (from OECD & EUIPO statistics).

Tangibly, he has been one of the world first evangelists in sustainability and blockchain AWARENESS, being an entrepreneur he is also a doer, now collaborating with several Institutions, (i.e. UNECE in Geneva) and corporates in view to define transparent and traceable guide lines for the industry.

His philanthropic activity recently comprehends the recovery of the Ancient Castle of Padernello in Italy surrounded by a rural territory that is promoting slow food activities and cultural events.

His innovations apart from fighting the illegal trading and protecting the environment, inspire individuals, institutions and corporation to be one hundred percent coherent and factual.

He has been CEO of the first company to win the European Environmental Award in Italy, “premio impresa ambiente”:

With Superlativa, he made real to produce a unique and patented ingredient from the unutilized part of the mother of pearl shells, now a zero waste product.

Superlativa during the years, thanks to his ingredient and amazing partnerships is designed to become one of the most prominent luxury brand, eager to make the difference.

Thanks to 1TrueID he has been the first to introduce a rfid system for the traceability of the goods, awarded at SMAU in 2010, the most important technology fair in Italy in 2012 and anticipating years the Industry 4.0 viewpoint and the SUPPLY CHAIN BLOCKCHAIN:

The first trim company in fashion to comply a chemical detoxes philosophy, an attitude now pursued by most of the fashion companies thanks to a worldwide campaign:

Thanks to this research, he also founded a company, 1trueid that is the most powerful and cost effective enabler to the Internet of things, giving a secure DNA, (digital identity to every product), cost free for individuals and selected in various award:

Recently he has been awarded with 1Trueid as best start up for Circular Economy from Intesa San Paolo and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

He is also a member of the UNFCC Fashion charter, and an expert of UNECE.

Finally, he also launched an educational platform, sharing view with some of the most relevant social entrepreneurs

Emanuele Bertoli first company

This is the Garage where everything’s started

Motto: The magnificence lies in the absence of vulgarity

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