Happy Mind Happy Life

In my experience I started to live in beauty only when I decided to turn off the nasty buzzers. I was surrounded by unsightly inputs, first of all watching TV. It turns out that the more you watch TV, the more you believe the world is a dangerous place and the less optimistic you become. Just take a look to the cultivation theory to understand more the enormous power that TV immersion has. Internet is not so different, sending us a whole series of conflicting messages and when I see children at restaurant that prefers a smartphone to a dialogue … Continue reading Happy Mind Happy Life

My Best Docking Arenas

Capri, Monaco, Porto Cervo, looks all too crowdie, unreasonably costly and hysterical. Since my sailing time is so scarce, it must be a pleasure for eyes, mind and soul. I’m therefore happy to share my point of views with you, let me know your opinions, also privately. 1- Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden Outside Stockholm, the yachting capital of Sandhamn is on the edge of one of the world’s most alluring archipelagos. Among the thousands of uninhabited islets, guests may indulge in a dingy race, or host an angling competition followed by a fresh fish barbecue. Yacht parties have been known to … Continue reading My Best Docking Arenas

A smart way of flying

I do not like snotty people, traveling by private jet just to feel and not be superior, I think what a waste of fuel it costs, CO2 pollution, and no sense there is in all this when I can, I travel smart, but also flying a private jet today may have a logic, this is light, small, ideal for routes that are no longer covered with airlines. Good management can do costing it more or less 500 €uro per hour for 3 passengers and travelling with a normal carrier per person may cost more when there’re no direct flights to … Continue reading A smart way of flying