Your Tomorrow Starts Today

from 4:17:00

Innovator, entrepreneur, observer, investor, strategist, and creative matchmaker.

Home region: EMEA


Emanuele Bertoli’s career has given him the knowledge, skills and insights to be able to help companies cope with and invest in the correct emerging technologies, to spot trends and comment on society’s ongoing transformation in many different areas from finance, media, technology and retail.

Please contact Mr. Emanuele Bertoli on his linkedin page

Target events

  • > 1000 attendees at > €30 each
  • >5 top-tier sponsors at >€25,000 each
  • >10 middle-tier sponsors at >€12,500 each
  • >15 low-tier advertisers at >€10,000 each


  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • “Office hours” / 1:1 short consultations
  • Separate Q&A periods




Influencer Rate


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