Tribute to JFK

In these hard days for the EU Union and his population, I’d like to send my personal tribute to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Too many people don’t know what he did with his executive order n° 11110 dated 1963, immediately amended after his assassination from Lyndon Johnson. There’s also no need to explain it here, and I don’t want it too, who wants knows. Ok, maybe he wasn’t a Saint but who is? I just want to express my gratitude to him for that brave act, and my consideration for all the hugs his family missed, and that no one … Continue reading Tribute to JFK

Solar Hoax

Till now no one has done a serious study on the environmental impact of billions of solar panel, but in less than ten years we will face this problem. It may be another big market for the recycling industry? Most probably yes, and that’s’ good, but what’s insane it is the fact that at the end the so proclaimed green energy most probably it’s not so much green, at least with the actual technology. But we have time to improve; recycling at the end it’s always better than poisoning radiation, but not as good as wind, water, cold energy! Next … Continue reading Solar Hoax

Home #Vacuum Tax

It’s my opinion that sooner or later we’ll see a new tax named something like: Home #VacuumTax! This new duty, will be applied to all the owners of houses, apartment, villa, or whatever connected to real estate properties left empty. Like Tobin tax, don’t worry, it will be sound, because it will force banks and corporations to come into a real market where demand and offer will meet, and above all will force them to discard ugly habitat in favor of green quarters, trees, clean air. Mario, #Monti & #Draghi it’s my opinion but it may be your too, I … Continue reading Home #Vacuum Tax

We are ONE

The alternative to this crisis could have been a military third world war, thanks God we ”just” have economical deflagrations, derivates missiles and spread bombs. Unfortunately the injured, the assassinated, the damage are not less than a nuclear war and ‘’financial’’ poisoned radiation still pervades the economy. What else? It’s not ended bros but it’s near to an end, and, when WE want the end of an insane economy where: a) GDP must always grow, making the life of all a real shit, when the earth natural resources will be finished we still have Mars! a. We now understand that … Continue reading We are ONE

A smart way of flying

I do not like snotty people, traveling by private jet just to feel and not be superior, I think what a waste of fuel it costs, CO2 pollution, and no sense there is in all this when I can, I travel smart, but also flying a private jet today may have a logic, this is light, small, ideal for routes that are no longer covered with airlines. Good management can do costing it more or less 500 €uro per hour for 3 passengers and travelling with a normal carrier per person may cost more when there’re no direct flights to … Continue reading A smart way of flying

Bank of America

Company: Bank of America Net Worth: Unknown 1906, an unknown Italian young emigrate in San Francisco, California, with his handcart placed in the middle of the worst earthquake and fire that shocked the United States, when still the smoke was rising from the ruins, he initiate to lend money to the people for the reconstruction of their homes. He was trusting in their word! So, home mortgages, auto loans, installment credit – they may be taken for granted today, but before this son of Italian immigrants came along, such things didn’t exist. Amadeo Peter Giannini – A.P. to his friends … Continue reading Bank of America

Teacher leave those kids alone!

It’s the time to a new era in the Italian politics, economy, schools, a challenge, or better a renaissance. We cannot wait too long, i.e. a new generation, the alternative is a moral and economic collapse, we need it and we call for it now. The technical government as showed to all the world that it’s possible, we all just need more courage to support the rebellion of the consciences. The receipt it’s simple, and it’s something that we all knows: a) Fight against the corruption, public that drains 60mld €uro in Italy every year; private that it sap even … Continue reading Teacher leave those kids alone!

One day son all of this will be theirs!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a GM of a small but consistent bank, and I think he will need to go to the analyst very soon or to forget to have met someone who still uses the brain in his life. In a few, he went out of my office with a mood among the ‘’who I am’’, and ‘’my God’’. The facts: a) I asked for curiosity a very small loan, we are an ‘’A’’ rated corporation, refused, we have no money at the time b) I asked for curiosity as well, a new credit card, in a … Continue reading One day son all of this will be theirs!

The Real Estate Italian Bubble

A short analysis It’s the Italian real estate market the next bubble that unexpectedly could make fail the Eurozone? No one is talking about the fact that in Italy the real estate market is surprisingly stable, ok, a little reduction in prices 5-8% maximum compared to the 2009-2011 quotations. Nothing compared to what’s happened in US and the P’I’GS, why? Should we be worried about that? No, on the contrary, a normalization of the market, we can say a reduction of prices at least of the 30%, could it be extremely sound for the Italian and the Eurozone Economy. The … Continue reading The Real Estate Italian Bubble