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Born Ahead

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Secondo l’Ansa, pare che qualcuno abbia presentato un bottone 4.0 rivoluzionario, ma, questa tecnologia e brevetto è già stato annunciato da BerBrand sette anni fa e da 1trueid poi, anche in conferenza stampa ad Eataly di Milano:

  • 2010mektrax7 BerBrand 1° premio SMAU su tecnologia Rfid inserita in un bottone e nella supply Chain
  • 2016 la conferenza stampa, c/o Eataly (in discussione i vari articoli)
  • 2017 l’evoluzione Blockchain, (in discussione i vari articoli)
  • 2017 selezionati all’interno dell’Accenture Fashion Hub di Piazza Gae Aulenti,
  • 2018 sarà bellissimo vedrete, annunceremo qualcosa di unico al mondo, come nostro stile

Centinaia di migliaia di “bottoni” o meglio tag intelligenti sono già in commercio nel solo sistema moda con tecnologia 1trueid, utilizzata dai migliori brand di alta gamma, sia per anticontraffazione, che per il customer engagement, in fase di sperimentazione per le nuove lavatrici del futuro, ma anche utilizzata in ambiti particolarmente smart come per la gherardicamicia su misura di Alessandro Gherardi.

Curioso anche vedere come il servizio inserisca in fotografia normalissimi bottoni, qualche verifica in più avrebbe di certo aiutato.

Certo, può capitare uno sbaglio, del resto le conferenze stampa le facciamo per questo, il mondo si evolve velocemente, essere informati richiede un’attenzione importante, ma è anche vitale tutelare le società veramente innovative che, grazie alla ricerca e importanti investimenti, creano valore e lavoro.

Born Ahead

English Version

According to Ansa, the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies, it seems that someone presented a revolutionary button 4.0, but, this technology and patent has already been announced by BerBrand 7 years ago and by 1trueid® then even at a press conference at Eataly in Milan:

  • 2010 BerBrand 1st SMAU prize on Rfid technology inserted into a Button and Supply Chain
  • 2016 the press conference, c / o Eataly (discussing the various articles)
  • 2017 evolution Blockchain, (discussing the various articles)
  • 2017 selected within the Fashion Hub Accenture of Piazza Gae Aulenti,
  • 2018 will be beautiful you will see, we will announce something unique in the world, as our style

Hundreds of thousands of “buttons” or better smart secure tags 1trueid® are already on the market just on fashion system, worn by top-of-the-range brands, both for anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement, being tested for IOT washing machines, but also used in particularly smart areas such as Alessandro Gherardi’s custom shirts.

It is also curious to see how the service puts in the picture a normal button; a better verification would certainly help.

Of course, everyone can make a mistake, this is also why we make press conferences, the world evolves quickly, being informed requires important attention, and it is vital to protect truly innovative companies that, thanks to research and important investments, create Value and work.

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Amancio Ortega and My Way

Amancio Ortega 2

Ortega did things his way rather than follow in the footsteps of fashion industry leaders in Paris, Milan, or New York. That decision clearly paid off. And it’s a great example of success achieved through following and trusting your intuition.


Good things come to those

who wait and are strongminded

With a net worth in excess of $66 billion, Amancio Ortega is the richest man in Europe and the wealthiest retailer in the world thanks to his control of the Spanish fashion behemoth Inditex. Ortega — who started out as a delivery boy for a local clothing store at 14 — turned from a small-town dress shop into one of the largest fashion empires on the planet.

It took a decade for Ortega to found Zara’s holding company Inditex and open his first shop. Today, Inditex is one of the world’s biggest fashion groups.

Even though 10 years may seem like an eternity when establishing a business, it clearly paid off. Being patient gives you the chance to wait, watch, and know when to act in all aspects of your life. Instead of acting inappropriately or irrationally, with patience you can step back, regroup, and make the best decision possible.

Noblesse oblige

Most entrepreneurs are extroverts, but that is by no means necessary to succeed. Many great entrepreneurs are introverts and Amancio Ortega is one of them. Little is known about the retail conglomerate, because he makes a lot of effort to avoid having to talk to the press. He once said: “You must appear three times in the newspapers: when you are born, when you get married, and when you die.” Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the life of the party, because you can still run a profitable business.

Redraft attitude

Around the age of 12, Ortega witnessed his mother’s getting rejected for credit at a grocery store. The realization of his family’s poverty was a driving force for Ortega. He left school immediately and began working so that he and his family would never be put in that situation again. Sometimes we forget why we wake up every morning and sit in traffic for hours, or why we left a cushy job to launch a startup that is on the brink of failure.

Remembering why you make those sacrifices is what forces us to achieve our goals and dreams.

Extraordinary ventures needs life experience and wisdom

Sometimes we are led to believe that you have to be successful at an early age, much like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. But Ortega was almost 40 years old when he founded Zara. While that’s not ancient by most standards, it’s not your typical twenty- or thirty something millionaire story. It’s refreshing to know that it’s never too late for you to achieve your dreams and ambitions like Ortega did.

Giving Back

many donations can be mentioned, but I just selected two of them, he has donated in 2012 20 million euros to charity in a single donation, bringing praise from Spanish fundraising professionals. This is seen as unusual philanthropy practice in Spain, where more discreet donations are the norm. The 20 million euros donation from the Spanish billionaire via the Amancio Ortega Foundation to Caritas Spain has been described as unprecedented in the history of the Spanish wing of the church charity…Caritas has said the foundation run by Amancio Ortega is donating €20 million for food, medicines and schools materials.

Following the Haiti earthquake, Amancio Ortega’s Inditex sent two million euros of emergency reconstruction relief as cash, not clothes.

…and the Foundation where you can clearly read <<Important: The President and Founder Amancio Ortega Gaona has no profiles or perform any activity on social networks.>>

Now… My Superlativa Way

Without any favorable conditions in 2008, immediately after the subprime crisis that still last and in a sector that relies on marketing yet restricts quality, I decided to fight to the top relying on distinguish and sustainable products and patented innovations.

Having we achieved an outstanding reputation in the business to business sector we now started our retail venture offering ultra-luxury items  to a fair value, and confidently to open the first flagship store within the next two years.

Our “business to consumer” items immediately seized the attention of the Big and we resist to the various tactful and hostile avanches we often receive.

Louis Vuitton catwalk backstage ss13 men paris_10Louis Vuitton Paris fashion Men spring / summer models were wearing our exclusive and patented frame obvioulsy with a different and exclusive design. The same year the ”king Eider” model it has been nominated among the best innovative frame at Silmo d’Or. The Financial Times dedicate an article in their style section. 

Louis Vuitton Paris fashion week 

Last year our licensee won the Silmo d’Or 😉

And now…we need real talents and visionary people looking for the ‘’new old robust economy’’ for our next to come retail chain that will be …In Our Way !

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luxury ber 02

Is now the time of the Luxury for all?  Don’t worry and stay calm reading this article till the end, yep I’ll reveal you what is going to happen in the next decades from my point of view, and it counts.

From the spot of the deluxe brand of LIDL to the predominant ALL CRAZY FOR BALMAIN H&M COLLECTION.

The clothing chain H&M, one of our valued customers, launched a collection in collaboration with the Balmain haute couture brand: in the catwalk we saw Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, followed by a party where they sang the Backstreet Boys. Not bad isn’t it?

Are we living the new era of luxury for all? Definitively yes at least when we saw the spot of the lidl deluxe line and the Carlo Cracco holy potato we realize it is born the so called “popular chic.”

A change maker has surely been the internet law of attraction of opportunities that from the low cost offers stretched to affordable luxury, allowing to exclusive hotel and restaurant chains to discretely benefit from the last minute consumers increasing demand. Today your neighbor’s room may claim that he’s spent a 99$ coupon bought on line instead of your 500$ black VISA special deal, (shit it happened to me), but who cares, at the end it’s nice to feel sometimes a little ordinary isn’t it? (grrr)

Now we witness the phenomenon exactly opposite of regular luxury, that occasionally “falls” to the ground especially when misleading. It is the “popular chic”, also said “brands to starved” (correct I wrote “starved” without any snobbery; all of us are hungry).

Someone said: “You have to take the moneys where they are, by the poor’s. They have little, but they are a lot.“ It is for this reason that very popular low-income malls have built prosperous economic empires, i.e. serving regular hamburger with less than 1 euro. However, even these brave defenders of the rights of the poor are now lured by the Ulysses sirens of the luxury & high quality products.

So in Italy, suddenly at McDonald’ s menu one year ago appears the Gualtiero Marchesi selection, the sandwich with the Canadian lobster McLobster, the one with the burger meat angus McAngus and one with the Supreme angus burger meat with bread baked on stone (perhaps are the stones that the workers used to launch against McDonald ‘s CEO in Chicago, who knows). Lidl Deluxe line is another milestone of the “popular chic”. Once, who was shopping at the so-called discount stores was a no-Logo protester’s, or a non-ideological indifferent to brands, now ravioli filled with roe cost only 1.29 euro. The slogan is: “I do not need much to enjoy the luxury.”  

The mission of elevating the status of their customers is now fashionable at all stores. Think at the IKEA design everyday is becoming coolest and some pieces cannot be distinguished alongside those of the premium brand Kartell .

The popular clothing chain H&M as anticipated, has just launched in New York a limited edition collection created in collaboration with the French high fashion brand Balmain, a huge success besides hysteria, really out of control , the point is that , those who have secured a place in the front row in H&M stores have not purchased stuff at low cost prices;  in fact , what has characterized the garments designed by Olivier Rousteing , artistic director of the French fashion house , was not only the similarity with the clothes representative of the Balmain style, but also prices , far away from the universe H&M . A total look consists of dress (€ 499), coat (€ 179), boots (€ 249), bag (€ 199) and necklace (€ 79) all together far exceeds the 1,000 euro.

The success of the capsule, is nothing new. But, unlike previous collections in collaboration with Marni, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo (to name a few), prices have soared to the point of wondering whether the game is worth the candle . The cost of clothing Balmain X H&M promptly sold on eBay is definitively unusual, an embroidered jacket is put up for auction to 3,000 dollars even surpassing the cost of the “real” Balmain.

After shopping, a customer of the H&M store expressed its satisfaction at the New York Times: “I did not sleep, but it was worth it, I have everything that I had chosen. I had never done it before, but I really think that Balmain is the brand of our generation “.  A generation that, (as happened in Seoul), seems willing to stand one week before in line outside the stores of the Swedish brand.

And now….and just for connoisseurs the revelation, sssshhhh it’s so secret 😉

  • Mass Consumers 2030, disruptor and disrupted thanks to technologies like 1Trueid™  will evolve from fashion victims to contributors, involved individuals, advocate of what’s behind the label, makers;
  • HNWI Consumers 2030: will look more and more for indisputable products, with an instantly recognizable value, a true identity and an ethical and transparent supply chain, and they could also and easily produce them by themselves when not available.

future car

Customers advocacy 20xx? Uh they all will become Superlativa contributors and citizens “SORRY BUT I COULDN’T RESIST THE TEMPTATION ^-^”

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